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CX Roll Call.... Who all from CX is here?

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  1. VinitoBlue
    I'm here as well... where is everybody?
  2. VinitoBlue
    by the way, this is nyhl / octane / firetap
  3. FatalFury
    fatalfury reporting in... good ole climbx .. havnt been active for ages !!
  4. John
    Hey FireTap/VintoBlue & FatalFury.... welcome to GFXVoid! It's always good to see some members of the old CX site posting here. If you've been keeping in touch with any other members of CX, let them know to stop in here once in a while. Would be nice if many of the CXers got active here on GFXVoid.
  5. CoNiGMa
    Howdy. I'm back.
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