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  1. atroxcaelum
    What would you say is the way you start up a new design/website?

    List the steps if you must, but I'm interested how you guys start up communities/sites.
  2. Sadza
    I haven't set up any communities yet, but I'm familiar with sites. Here is my process.

    1. Motivation and Ideas. There's no reason to make a website if you have no purpose for it. Also, you need a topic in mind for the site. For example, this site is made for a community based upon graphics.

    2. Information for the Website. A website is nothing without text and information. This is the core of your website.

    3. Design. Design is what makes your website look nice. This constitutes the many different layers of your website. Without this, your site would be a strange, unattractive jumble of text. Design is made of colour and images.

    4. People. Inform people of your website through various means. Just make sure your website gets some publicity.

    That's it for me.
  3. Chris
    I wrote one, but its too long to post here...
  4. atroxcaelum
  5. Chris
  6. John
    Back in the day there was a lot less competition, so the "build it and they will come" mentality did work fairly well. These days, after deciding on the site concept, you initially need to determine if there is a market for it and if there is then you figure out how you might enter that market (how will you get the traffic flow started up).

    Some markets, in relation to online communities, have players that are so huge and deeply entrenched that it is really difficult to become even minimally established (because most everyone already knows about the big players). So with that type of situation it's really important to be very innovative, differentiate yourself in a way that attracts attention to the community and hopefully in a way that gets people spreading the word about your site. Depending on the market it can be quite an uphill battle.
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