And so this is how we work.
A tick.
This tick indicates an emotion.
This emotion floods our mind.
This flood turns off and on certain flood gates.
Certain gates remain up.
Certain gates collapse.
Gates that remain up dictate not what happens.
The gates that remain up dictate what does not happen.
The gates down allow the emotion to flow.
Emotion flows.

And so this is how we work.
A tock.
This tock indicates the ending of an emotion.
The emotion lasts for a certain period of time.
The emotions sink,
the tide rolls out,
and flood gates are placed back up.
We wait for the tide to roll in again.

And so this is how we work.
A t-tick.
This... 'T-Tick', as the sound suggests, is a studder.
This is a studder of emotion. A spill of emotions.
Flood gates all shut down.
Emotion spills in, soaks, and the mind is empty.
Seconds, minutes, hours later, exact same emotion spills in.
Sticks around, feeds off of the previous spill, drains.
And so on, and so forth.

And so this is how we work.
A tock
This rather loud noise is usually what snaps the mind out of its assault.
Sewers drain, flood gates rise.
Emotions sink.
Common sense.
We hope that that doesn't happen again.

And so this is how we work.
a Ding!
This Ding! indicates something has hit us.
A word, a push, a fisticuff, a note.
This Ding! could also be replaced with a Pang!
as seen in the sentance 'a pang of guilt'.
Thie Ding! compels us to react, to respond, to reply, to retort.
and so we do.

And so this is how we work.
a Dong!
This Dong! incidates that your retort has ceased, or has not come to pass in the alotted time frame.
This noise symbolizes the end to the sudden flare inside,
the rage, the hate, the fear, the anger, the spite, the lust.
All of these rather spine-tingling emotions cease to be for the time being.
The Dong! is the end of many things.

People run like clockwork,
the mind runs like clockwork.
Emotions run on clockwork,
you run on clockwork.
The axles of the mind are always spinning,
something is always turning,
an idea is always churning.
There, inside your mind, like clockwork.