Ok, I know there are already 2 tutorials for this but neither of them were exactly clear, so I thought I would make a better more clear one.

First of all you will need to add this small piece of PHP code in between </head> and <body>

$date = date(“format”, $timestamp);
To display the time and/or date on your site all you have to do is use this small piece of code where ever you want the time/date to be displayed.

<?php echo date('d/m/Y - H:ia'); ?>
This will display like this: 18/11/2007 - 16:12pm

To change the way you want the time/date to be displayed on your site you can change the letters within the code to display the time/date in different ways.


a - 'am' or 'pm'
A - 'AM' or 'PM'
B - Swatch Internet time
d - day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros; i.e. '01' to '31'
D - day of the week, textual, 3 letters; i.e. 'Fri'
F - month, textual, long; i.e. 'January'
g - hour, 12-hour format without leading zeros; i.e. '1' to '12'
G - hour, 24-hour format without leading zeros; i.e. '0' to '23'
h - hour, 12-hour format; i.e. '01' to '12'
H - hour, 24-hour format; i.e. '00' to '23'
i - minutes; i.e. '00' to '59'
I - '1' if Daylight Savings Time, '0' otherwise.
j - day of the month without leading zeros; i.e. '1' to '31'
l - day of the week, textual, long; i.e. 'Friday'
L - boolean for whether it is a leap year; i.e. '0' or '1'
m - month; i.e. '01' to '12'
M - month, textual, 3 letters; i.e. 'Jan'
n - month without leading zeros; i.e. '1' to '12'
r - RFC 822 formatted date; i.e. 'Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:01:07 +0200' (added in PHP 4.0.4)
s - seconds; i.e. '00' to '59'
S - English ordinal suffix, textual, 2 characters; i.e. 'th', 'nd'
t - number of days in the given month; i.e. '28' to '31'
T - Timezone setting of this machine; i.e. 'MDT'
U - seconds since the epoch
w - day of the week, numeric, i.e. '0' (Sunday) to '6' (Saturday)
Y - year, 4 digits; i.e. '1999'
y - year, 2 digits; i.e. '99'
z - day of the year; i.e. '0' to '365'
Z - timezone offset in seconds (i.e. '-43200' to '43200'). The offset for timezones west of UTC is always negative, and for those east of UTC is always positive.

So for example if you wanted to have the date/time displayed like 'Monday 1st January 2007'
You would use this piece of code:
<?php echo date('l dS F Y'); ?>

Hope that explains it a little better
Any questions? Ask.

Many thanks