Many people have signed up to the GFXVoid and it is often in these first few moments that people become really confused and don't know what they should write about in their very first introductive post. We've all been there... told to introduce ourselves, and end up just saying, "Hello, my name is Nutter. "

Well if you're wondering what else you can talk about in your first ever thread, have a look at some of these questions. You can choose to copy and paste them or just use it as a guide. The choice is yours.

- Where your from?
- What are some interests and hobbies you have?
- How did you find out about the GFXVoid?
- Are you using a graphic's program like photoshop, if so, what program is it?
- Do you have any artworks you would like to show us now?

- Where would you like your interest in art to go?

Hope to see a really good and interesting opening from you guys and girls. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the Mods or Admins.

Welcome to the Void, and enjoy your stay.