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Thread: Reporting a Rip

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    Sep 2008

    Question Reporting a Rip

    Just mentioning after noticing a few things happening lately, but if anyone notices any stolen artworks on or from the Void can you guys inform a member of Staff by sending them a PM. We've just noticed a few people have started to take matters into their own hands and are accusing people of ripping.

    In the past there have been situations where arguments and fights have started up, and sometimes the sig is more of a case of mistaken identity, a misunderstanding, or even just coincidental.

    If you do decide to PM a Staff member about something you've seen can you please include the following:
    - Members Involved
    - Suspected Art Piece
    - Links to Threads or Web pages (Evidence)
    Not only will it help us catch Rippers, but it will also allow us to remove the member from the site and keep tabs on account activity.


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    Aug 2007

    Default Reporting a RIP - READ THIS NOW

    It seems all of you members do NOT know how to do this. Nutter, and Dark Method have both chewed people out for constantly posting about it within the thread itself. This is NOT how it is done.

    When you post in the thread, the original poster has a change to do some things before we see it, thus making it so we cannot prove they did anything wrong, which has happened before. The other thing that can happen, is if the user is falsely accused, which as also happened.

    When you see something you suspect as a RIP, PM a staff member, or use the report post button on the top right of all posts. This will send it to us, giving you a chance to also explain what is wrong with it, and only mods will see the report. Then we can determine if it is a RIP or not, and how to deal with it.

    Another thing, don't go posting that you found a RIP in the shoutbox either, it does just as much as in a thread, you alert other members, cause a ruckus, and it just snowballs from there. I am fairly sure that if people continue ignoring this, they will be punished as well.

    Commissions and stickers available via linktree here.

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