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    Exclamation SOTW Rules & Regulations


    SOTW is anonymous to prevent bias voting and make it a fair competition for everyone. Therefore all entries shall be messaged to me instead of posted in a entry thread.
    The voting will also be set up anonymous and no usernames will be displayed in the poll. Instead each of the entries are given a number, so when you vote please state which number you've voted for.
    Do not mention any usernames in the voting or discussion threads!

    If you win a SOTW you get to choose the theme for next week. It may be anything between heaven and hell, use your wildest imagination.
    This is one of the benefits of winning, along with a medal and a place in the winners thread.
    Your signature must follow the theme given each week. You may interpret them in your own way as long as the sig have a connection to the given theme.

    deviantART images?
    The message below does not apply to images submitted in the "Resources & Stock Images" section at deviantART, since they are free to use.
    Using art from DA is strictly forbidden unless you have the artists written permission to use his art. Asking the artists for permission can done by sending them a note at DA.
    If he replies and give you the permission you shall take a screen shot of the conversation and include that image in the entry PM you'll be sending me.
    If you don't have the artists permission to use his work from DA but still make a signature with it, you'll face an immediate disqualification and most likely will be accused and condemned for ripping (stealing art). Which will result in a permanent ban from the forum.
    So think twice before using art from deviantART, and remember to always ask for permission.

    Character limits?
    The polls have a 100 characters limit for each entry, including your image link and the [IMG ] coding. So please check that your entry does not exceed the 100 characters limit before you send it to me, otherwise it can not be submitted in the poll.
    Please use THIS to verify the number of characters for your signature.
    Do not use deviantART to host your SOTW signatures, since it uses a very large amount of characters for the image links. But there are other image host that does this as well, be aware!

    When I submit your entry it will look like this, so include all the signs when you control the number of characters for your entry.
    PHP Code:


    All signatures must be made by the person who submits it, collaborations are not allowed. Anyone is allowed to participate in SOTW.
    2. Signatures must be of a reasonable size and no bigger than the following:
    - Horizontal Signatures: 550 pixels width x 350 pixels height
    - Vertical Signatures: 350 pixels width x 500 pixels height
    3. All signatures entered must follow the theme chosen for that week.
    4. You are allowed to interpret the themes in your own way. As long as the sig has a connection to the given theme.
    5. You are allowed to use any kind of text in your signature as long as it doesn't include your forum username. Using text in your signature is optional and not a must.
    6. One entry per week. You are allowed to change your entry one time, by sending me a new PM.
    7. Do not vote for your own signature and don't vote for someone simply because you like the render they used. Analyze all entries strong and weak points before you place your vote.
    8. No premade signatures are allowed. Your signature can't be created before the discussion thread is created.
    9. You're not allowed to enter a signature that you have posted on the forums or at any other site before the voting starts. You are only allowed to display your signature after the SOTW voting is over.
    10. If you use a image from deviantART please include written permission from the original artist in the entry PM you'll be sending me (see "deviantART images?" above).
    11. All entries shall be sent to me in a private message, PM.
    12. The voting will be anonymous and no usernames will be displayed in the poll. Each signature will be given a number instead.

    If you see a signature entered that is outside of the rules, please contact a staff member. Do NOT announce it in the threads as this only causes problems.
    If you break one or more of these rules, you may be suspended from that SOTW. However, if it is accidental contact a staff member immediately.
    If you break these rules several times you may be suspended for multiple weeks or SOTW altogether.



    - Discussion - Including the weekly theme. [link]
    - Voting [link]
    - Winners
    - Medals [link]

    Discussion threads
    In these threads the theme of the week is displayed and members can discuss any concerns they have regarding the current SOTW taking place. No entries are to be placed here.

    Voting threads
    Very easy. Just vote for the best signature, state which number you voted for and if you like, give a reason.

    Winners thread
    All the SOTW winners will be displayed here along with the weeks number, theme and their signature.

    Medals thread
    The winners medals will be posted here. Pick it up and put in your signature for show off.


    The timetable will work like this:
    - Monday evening, a discussion thread with the theme of weeks will be posted. This will be left open until Saturday evening, so get your entries in by then.
    - Saturday evening, the voting thread will go up and will be open until Monday evening.
    - Once a winner has been crowned, I will contact him so he may choose the new theme of the week.
    - And at Monday evening the whole show starts over again.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message or leave a post in the discussion threads.
    Last edited by cc.RadillacVIII; 12-23-2013 at 09:49 AM. Reason: Rule #9 is tweaked

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    Rule #9 is now tweaked and updated↓

    "9. You're not allowed to enter a signature that you have posted on the forums or at any other site before the voting starts. You are only allowed to display your signature after the SOTW voting is over."

    This is to maintain SOTW as anonymous as possible.

    Thanks for your understandings.

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