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Thread: Hello World!

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    Default Hello World!

    Hello everyone, my name is Matthew, I'm 16 years old and I am from Massachusetts.

    Well, where do I begin? To start, I found this site from a user on another forum. My work has been awful lately and I really needed a refresher course, so I had asked him if he could refer me to a place where I can learn some basics and then some. He referred me to here, so here I am! My interests primarily revolve around graphic design, in particular signature creations. I've been using Adobe Photoshop for about 6 months on and off, but I have never actually done Photoshop for a full day and I really should if I even wish to get any better, but I am familiar with the program. Hopefully I can improve upon my current knowledge and even get some pointers from you guys when I submit my work to the forums.

    Aside from Photoshop, my interests include: forums, listening to music (lol), mediocre web development, Xbox (rarely on anymore), and watching TV with my mother. Out of the aforementioned interests, my all-time favorite has to be forums and listening to music. Something about posting my thoughts on a forum just puts me in a really good mood, and listening to music just enhances that good mood. I quite literally go into a little "bubble" when I mix these two haha. So, at the moment, I am in my little bubble making a new tag and posting an unnecessarily long introductory thread; bare with me!

    Recent Work

    The MLP signatures are for a couple friends of mine; they're both obsessed with MLP.

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    Mar 2009


    welcome to the void, MLP ftw! jk nice sigs so far.

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    Jun 2005

    Default Welcome!

    Hello there, nice sigs!

    Practice makes perfect mate!

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    Nov 2007
    London - England


    welcome to the void
    Visit My Deviant Art

    [Stalker][Spidey][Clipping Masks]

    Quote Originally Posted by Syn
    [29-07, 08:20] You're a bit weird, aren't you Lewk? Lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Apathy
    [17-10, 19:37] 720p you can see the razor burn on the crotch

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    Quote Originally Posted by cC.DOMINO™ View Post
    welcome to the void, MLP ftw! jk nice sigs so far.
    Thank you sir, and yeah haha MLP is slowly growing on me I suppose. Just made a new one last night, I hate MLP, but I thought I did awesome with it so I made it my new tag.

    My sigs aren't incredible, none of them necessarily have depth, but I am slowly learning how to interpret depth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Burgin View Post
    Hello there, nice sigs!

    Practice makes perfect mate!
    Why thank you! Oh indeed, practice does make perfect. I live by the saying "every artist was once an amateur". (:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lewk View Post
    welcome to the void
    Thanks, Lewk.

    "Every artist was first an amateur."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Feb 2012


    Hello and welcome

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    Jan 2012


    Welcome to the Void.

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