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Welcome to our newest member, Lekelindids
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    Jan 2012

    Default Where'd you come from, where'd you go? Where'd you come from cotton-eye Distello? ~

    ".... and what the living shit have you been up to for the past year?"

    Well my good friend and trusted colleague, that is a very good question, I'm glad you asked. The answer? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck all *ahem* not much, surprisingly.

    "But but, Distello! I love you! I need to know more! Show me something, anything! Let me fornicate with it in the background!"

    Oh alright then, since you asked so nicely; let's get to it:
    *Briefly adjusts post setup to centred mode*

    Our story begins with a vector:

    Eh, not the best, but I was all giddy about buying this certain pair of headphones. Which incidentally, broke last week.

    Perhaps the most favourite piece I have ever done, personally:

    and made in a similar fashion shortly after:

    Also, some icons for a bunch of random free software tools that had those really shitty pixelated icons from the XP days:

    Nothing professional, I just got tired of their previous ugliness on my desktop.


    Yeah.... two. Not including the Frozen one currently in my sig, if that counts.

    Great Scott!!!:

    They're his 'sunglasses', alright?

    A random JFF:

    Also bought one of these colour calibration do-dickies that was in the box and returned the morning after this photo was taken. It sucks:

    Oh and another one of these:
    Image too big to post; have a link instead:

    I learnt some new techniques this year; including how to vexel. (What I mean is, I'm lazy and developed a technique to fake a vexel, still takes a while):

    Actually best viewed at 100% for the lines to be nice and sharp.

    Which has the convenient advantage of looking like concept art when combined with my sketch action:

    Link to which is available here, by the way.

    Another vexel:

    The hair of which took a pretty fucking long time:

    I also learnt what triangulation is:

    And used it to make a really minimalistic desktop wallpaper, because I like very plain wallpapers:

    Speaking of desktops, I re-built mine:

    A second 970 (Graphics card) will be going in next week. (I'm like a kid at Christmas currently).

    That just about wraps things up. Really haven't done much this year. I did spend a few months learning InDesign, I'm still not as fluent as say... Photoshop, but pretty close.
    I also overhauled my website, which has been in my sig for a while. I have a logo now! Courtesy of Apathy's really fucked up way of drawing capital A's and a brief edit on my part.

    With that I'm out. Peace!

    Last edited by Distello; 01-22-2015 at 02:54 PM.

    One of the sexiest tags I've ever seen, from Radillac <3

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    Proud Owner of:
    Skype: NovruzeliHuseynov

    ^ LOVE YOU RAD ^

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    Oct 2013


    Most definitely interesting.

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    May 2010


    I love the variety. Nice work, Distello!

    My gift wall!
    My gift wall #2!
    My Genesis Tag Tutorial, check it out here!
    My Halo Tag Tutorial, check it out here!

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    Feb 2010


    Teach me triangulation?

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    Sep 2009
    New Jersey


    You've come a long way bud, good shit. GJ KIU M8

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    Oct 2009
    The Netherlands


    noice !!


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    i love those pieces kiu!

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