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    Jan 2012

    Post But... Why's the rum gone?! ~

    I do so frequently find myself humming pirate shanties. Partly because I miss the cool air flowing through my luscious locks and the smell of the open sea mixed with the now-dry poop that somehow won't unstick from the deck even with the employment of a broom. (They had brooms right?).

    I don't own a ship. Nor have I ever sailed as the command on one, but I do watch an awful lot of Pirates of the Caribbean and recently finished playing through Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag; therefore I am far more qualified on this subject than you my friend. (Srs).

    Oh but no, this post unfortunately does not refer to my love of a free life spending months on end on the same ship populated only by men and the intriguing notion that this fact never got any strange looks from land-dwelling folk in those times. Instead it's a bit of an update since my last thread here. Not much has changed mind you, bar my waistline over the festive period:

    First up. I kinda elaborated on a style I developed near the end of 2014. It involves the use of triangles in order to make complex yet seemingly quite beautiful artwork (In my opinion anyway). The technique is a bit different than the last time but I've extended it to the point that it is recreatable at virtually any size (Providing the canvas proportions remain the same) by means of the base part being entirely vector. It does mean redoing everything admittedly, but after the vector stuff the Photoshop part is quite simple.
    I've enjoyed doing this particular way so much that I've decided to make it a series. Called Series11:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Only 5 at this point, I'll probably make some more eventually. I guess I need to make 11 for the name to actually make sense.
    These have all been reduced and reuploaded to Imgur because the originals are huge. If anyone wants the full size, here they are: | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

    Next, a couple of LPs. Mainly just for fun:

    and some edits of existing LPs that I didn't like very much:

    Again, these two have been resized and reuploaded. Full versions here and here.

    I recently got inspired to make a bunch of super minimalistic wallpapers. They're all 1920x1080 but since they're vector I can make other sizes at request:

    Figured I wouldn't resize these because the Void should do it anyway with too much width. It's the height that's the sucky part.

    Continuing on from the theme of 'remastering' old stuff, I went back in to a bunch of Illustrator files and gave them some updates. The originals of some of these are years old:

    (Original size for this one here).

    Finally, I made two new text effects, I've also made one into a style/action pack and put it on my Brusheezy, link available underneath:

    Download here: LINK

    And that's about it. Here's to a prosperous 2015 *Raises glass*. I myself have lots of plans lined up. Tomorrow for instance, I aim to actually have breakfast. I do like to set really high targets to keep myself on my toes.

    Good day!
    Last edited by Distello; 03-31-2015 at 09:04 PM.

    One of the sexiest tags I've ever seen, from Radillac <3

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    Feb 2011
    New York City


    you should advertise for windex cause damn this stuff is clean

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    May 2010


    Very nice work, I love this one a lot

    Just think the green is a bit too bright in a lot of areas.

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    Oct 2009
    The Netherlands


    nice shizzle mate !!


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