Hey peeps ^^
I'm not new, in fact I'm very old, in lots of ways, but I'm also pretty awesome and a boss round here, so I thought I'd give a little intro to whoever might still be alive!
Or to the oldies who are still creeping in the hood <3

I'm Slave,
I started out in the signature department until I got bored and spread my wings into LP work, thanks to some awesome peeps who had my back, you all know who you are <3
I'm female and old enough to prolly be your mama, with about a dozen kids of my own, so don't bother hitting on me
I took a few years break due to life getting real busy, like I said I have a dozen or so kids and I went back to school to become a nurse, and then life got busy some more and now I'm changing careers again and thanks be to that I have some free time on my hands now and I though... Good old Void.
Anyways hope to get to know you and can't wait to start making some awesome stuff myself in the near future