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    Apr 2005


    Sometimes I look at me then I look at the sky then me and then the sky then me again and then I ask GOD -- GOD how is it that you use us to create such crazy, original, impressive, beautiful, creative pieces of artwork and you know what he says he says TresBak TresBak TresBak there can only be ONE Muhaaaahaaaahaaaa and it is not you TresBak it is Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and then I am like ok be like that then :P hehe anyways peeps I have knocked out the knicks and my work is more amazing than before IMO anyways C&C peeps

    Artistic Perspective

    Dramatic Concept

    Monotone Style

    Neon Style: text redone

    Just went Freestyling was bored

    Bonus haha needs work IMO

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    Apr 2005
    NSW, Australia


    1st one text is awesome, but doesn't go with the sig

    2nd meh not really liking it, hard too see most of it and i don't like how text hasbeen done

    3rd BG doesn't go with corners, render doesn't go with BG, etc.

    4th nice the text iis alot better than last time gj

    5thget rid of the car and i think that sig will be just fine

    6th tekken text on the left doesn't fit, nice otherwise

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    Apr 2005


    WOW sythe you never give a overall good rating do you I realy need to see some of your work haha thanks for your opinion though it is really informative

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    Jan 2006


    ^^ I agree with him on all of his statements

    I Go by Homicide On Other forums

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    Aug 2005


    #1: I like it. Pretty artistic, probably a bit too sharp/grainy. I really like the text, it's great.
    #2: Pretty good concept, but dramatic? Maybe not..I like the text though, prolly a bit too white on the right side.
    #3: Gotta disagree with what Sythe said. It might look as if everything doesn't go together, but if you look at it a bit longer, you'll see them falling into place.
    #4: Lubly, my favourite out of the signatures. DISCO TIME
    #5: Like Sythe said, get rid of the car or change the blue border to another color, those two don't go well together.
    #6: Too dark and lighting is off. Text don't fit. Da 5 doesn't fit either imo.

    Overall they're really good. I really like the text on the first one, great job on them

    <3 Fuzzy

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    Apr 2005


    nice. first one is wicked.
    working on it.

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