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    Default Photomanipulation !

    hey, did this one yesterday...
    way to long since i've made any form of art :P
    decided to do a photomanip and here it is :

    20-25 different stocks + the planet which I made myself some time ago...
    I'm doing a photography assignment at school which is called "Dreamy Reality"... So kinda got the idea while brainstorming for that :P

    [EDIT] V2 :

    took out all the crowded annoying elements...
    Fixed the lighting, colour, atmosphere and muuch more
    hope you like this one (atleast better than v1 )

    Last edited by modafokka; 11-10-2008 at 07:02 PM.

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    Aug 2008


    The dreamy part is there, but you lack the reality part.. this doesnt look real.. all those things in the air.. Are they floating or?

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    uuhm...they're air baloons.. :P
    and yeah the vinyl records are falling down from the sky or something, don't really know..
    and yeah.. it just got the idea while doing the assignment.. it's nott for the assignment, so it didn't have to be related to the assignment
    Last edited by modafokka; 11-05-2008 at 06:48 PM.

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    the elephant does fit in too well


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    Jul 2008
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    I agree with Famous, the elephant ruins the illusion because it is standing on nothing more than anything else. Also, the stocks just don't really look like they are part of the original picture. It is a good concept and I'm not sure how you would go about creating more realism, but right now it looks a bit too Photoshopped.
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    I shall simply shortlist some factors which could greatly improve your work.

    -Blending ( of stocks )
    -Lighting ( of stocks and images, e.g hues and saturation should be consistent , as should the direction and intensity of lighting)
    -Depth of Field ( Distance = blurred, and a focal point should be added. )
    -Negative space ( V.important. Remember to leave some parts of the picture not so "Full")

    Look into them!

    More stocks does not mean a better image! The more you do yourself to personalise the image, and the more time and effort you invest in it will make the image better!
    Last edited by Dale; 11-05-2008 at 08:08 PM.

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    Jan 2007


    I agree with the above. I think you got carried away in using too many stocks.

    One of the biggest tell tale signs it was photoshop is lighting! MAKE SURE that your lighting stays the same throughout the piece. and if it doesn't get rid of it for something else, and if you can't do that try and cover it with something, or make the shadows and highlights more neutral.

    Not bad kinda cool, but not realistic at all and looks more like a collage.

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    I think it would be a lot better if the elephant, the balloons, the records, and the dolphins were removed, it would greatly increase the appeal. Maybe leave in 1 hot air balloon, but only one of the far away ones.

    The butterfly looks good, and the way the sky goes from day to a starry night is nice as well, but the blending from the clouds to the starry sky needs some work.

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    thanks for comment and all...
    here's a new version...

    took out all the crowded annoying elements...
    Fixed the lighting, colour, atmosphere and muuch more
    hope you like this one (atleast better than v1 )

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    Jan 2005


    Much much better

    Very impressed.

    A few things i would still do personally, but excellent improvement!

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